Saturday 22 August 2009


Darlene is made from a beautiful soft scarf that I've had so long and yet never worn! Already I prefer it in it's new state and am looking forward to making a more golden version (other side of the scarf) with bronze clasp.

Tuesday 11 August 2009


Hi there, just wanted to say thank you for all your positive and enjoyable feedback and emails, and to all of you who have signed up for my updates!

Linda Florence

The wallpaper and floor designs of Linda Florence always draw me back for another look. A wide variety of traditional and more modern techniques give a real richness to her work, her use of matt colours combined with bronzes and silvers creates real depth to her layers. She's clearly not afraid to experiment! My only concern with her wallpapers for Ted Baker is that I'd be more interested in the walls than the clothes! I especially like the bold teal floral design over a geometric triangular design, really striking. Another piece that caught my eye was a beautiful decoupage screen for the Swarovski Unbridled exhibition in Paris. I confess I would never have considered flooring to be that interesting but now see it with completely different eyes and am intrigued by Linda's installation floor designs. The designs are dramatic and vibrant such as the 'Meta Table Setting' installation at the Millenium gallery in Sheffield or the unusual 'Articulate Landscape' design in the grass at York Saint John's University. I am now open to the unlimited possibilities after seeing the hand printed slate flooring for the Scin studio showroom and the 'sugar' floors... It seems a travesty that the sugar flooring designs will be ruined as they are so temporary, yet at the same time, this adds an ethereal effect (making them more a piece of artwork if anything). I particularly love the image of two dancers at the 'Out of the Ordinary: Spectacular Craft' at the V&A (October 2008), this could be perfect for the first dance at a wedding?? Just spotted this video on the website... I also like its use for the design set around a chair and table for the flooring book 'Grounded', simultaneously invoking both a rustic and contemporary feel. Am lucky enough to have been invited to visit her studio so looking forward to that :)

Saturday 8 August 2009


A more delicate bag made from a lacey item previously purchased from Brick Lane. The lining is also from a second hand skirt. The frame and chain attached are more ornate inkeeping with the feel of the bag.


From the same skirt as Mabel I have also made the clutch bag 'Mabeline'. Using the original zip and button fastening, I've also added a velvet green ribbon down one edge and embellished it with a secondhand sparkling yellow rose.


Finally I've made a few recycled bags, the start of many more! Mabel is made from a second hand teal leather skirt I got in Camden many years ago. Very fond of it but simply too small now and had to be the first up for an extreme makeover... I've used the original lining and attached an antique style frame and chain, I've already road tested it for daily use :)

Tuesday 4 August 2009

Installation jewellery

To my mind, the installation pieces of Maiko Takeda were the focal point of the St Martin's graduate jewellery exhibition. By shining light through 'simple' holes in the jewellery the shadows created beautiful images on the body and I had to go back for another look. The attached picture is taken from her website and is also on a flier I keep on my ever evolving 'mood board'... PS the first pieces of my recycled bag collection will be here very soon.