Monday 15 February 2010

Beware of Embroidery

I'll be heading to Beware of Embroidery in Ealing at some point before it finishes (ends 27th February). The exhibition will feature a few artists who have a very contemporary take on what can be seen as quite old fashioned and I'm curious... 

While Naomi Ryder creates beautiful images of everyday scenes, artists such as Tilleke Schwarz and Laura Splan use embroidery to communicate political ideas or poetical visions that they passionately believe in.  Orly Cogan is not featured in the exhibition but I'll be commenting on her soon!  Tilleke Schwarz mixes up folk art samplers with pop art. She combines the use of intricate cross stitch with graffiti style images entirely by hand.  Laura Splan machine embroiders facial peels or viruses such as SARS and creates pretty doillies or floaty negligee!

Saturday 6 February 2010

Naomi Ryder

Naomi's illustrated embroideries are so lively and fresh. An age old traditional technique has been used and yet they look modern and original. I really love it when artists and/or designers use everyday activities or scenes for their images. Naomi's favourite artist is Alex Katz and you can see her creative spin on what are anything but mundane illustrations! I did a workshop with Naomi at the Fashion and Textiles Museum last year, creating embroidered silk paintings based on Bill Gibb. I'm always tempted to go back and do another and have visited her studio and website several times!

Monday 1 February 2010

Bags featured in Remedy Magazine

Just a quick note to say that my bags have been featured in the latest issue of Remedy Magazine (p8 - 13). Farhana Jaffer, the creator and editor of the magazine also took the gorgeous pictures :)