Sunday 7 June 2009

Betty's Revenge

Billie Holiday bagThanks for visiting. I'm intending this blog to observe what's going on in the world of print and textiles, with reviews of designers, magazines and exhibitions, and of course draw your attention to my label too! I made a bag for my Foundation in Art and Design at Wimbledon College of Art in 2008 which proved very popular. It was themed on Billie Holiday's life and music. The bag was hand painted, screen printed and embellished and I called the label 'Kinda Blue'. Like many people I love bags and this was the first I made myself. Now studying a Foundation Degree at the London College of Communication in Surface Design I have been working with some inspiring people. A recent project involved working in a team as 'Betty's Revenge' where we created a range of clothing, accessories and jewellery for the artists of SKIPTheatre. SKIPTheatre are three Goldsmiths arts graduates who perform in clubs in Shoreditch and elsewhere plus festivals including Glastonbury. Their performances are very theatrical and interactive and have a brilliant party atmosphere. I nearly called the bag above Mabel! Ismat Jaffer came up with the name Betty's Revenge and has kindly let me keep it for my own label. I love all the traditional 50s names such as Betty, Agnes, Rita and especially love Betty as it's my nan's name (my nan was also a fashion/illustration fanatic). Betty's Revenge adds a more modern edgy twist :o). Izzy already has her own website, you can check out her brilliant designs and illustrations at Ruweyda Dool was also in the team and I'll be giving you more details as soon as she has a website, she already designs beautiful dresses and very funky ties. My bags will be pictured here, I'll be making more...they're all designed, hand printed and made by me. I may well do some digital designs too. Other ranges include hand painted purses and RECYCLED fabrics plus a combination of recycled with new prints. I never throw fabrics away and have been donated several bags of beautiful prints and vintage along with quality plain textiles. I am particularly inspired by music, poetry and theatre, I love the 50s and 20s but like to mix it up a bit and add a modern twist. The designs are for casual dailywear but are a bit special too with a touch of glamour for a fun style. Betty and I will also be keeping an eye on any open studios, workshops etc going on and keep you informed.

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