Monday 15 February 2010

Beware of Embroidery

I'll be heading to Beware of Embroidery in Ealing at some point before it finishes (ends 27th February). The exhibition will feature a few artists who have a very contemporary take on what can be seen as quite old fashioned and I'm curious... 

While Naomi Ryder creates beautiful images of everyday scenes, artists such as Tilleke Schwarz and Laura Splan use embroidery to communicate political ideas or poetical visions that they passionately believe in.  Orly Cogan is not featured in the exhibition but I'll be commenting on her soon!  Tilleke Schwarz mixes up folk art samplers with pop art. She combines the use of intricate cross stitch with graffiti style images entirely by hand.  Laura Splan machine embroiders facial peels or viruses such as SARS and creates pretty doillies or floaty negligee!


Old Kitty said...


I haven't a clue who these people are but I LOVE YOUR BAGS AND LAPTOP COVERS!!

In case you're wondering who this is - c'est moi - who works with you and insisted you give me your blog address and who isn't the Scottish one.


You are such a talent - you creative person you! Well done. I am so, so impressed. And I had a look at the magazine link. You star!!!

BTW, I do need a purse - seriously. The zip of my latest one broke so now I do need a purse...

Any suggestions...??

Thank you!


Cathy said...

Thanks for the lovely feedback! You know me, I'm always happy to chat bags and purses! Which reminds me, I must upload a picture of a purse I made...

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