Friday 11 March 2011

Fair Fares - Craftivist Collective

The Craftivist Collective are collaborating with the Climate Rush campaigning group to fight for fair transport fares and they're seeking craftivists!

They are seeking:
5inch x 7inches wide fabric train coaches (patches like their Mini Protest Banners) with stats, facts, quotes, views on the  effects these train fare hikes will have.  You can use cross stitch, hand embroider, write in fabric pens, or whatever you can.

* make your bunting coaches on the train as in individual or group
* make your bunting coaches in Train Waiting rooms together and talk about the issues with each other and the public
* make your bunting coaches on Train platform stations
* get local groups involved, get your MP involved
* send your patches in (preferably before 16th April) to Flat 2, Heron House, Searles Close, London SW11 4RJ

A few facts are listed here that you could use!

You can also join on Facebook.

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