Monday 25 March 2013

Bags inspiring poetry

The exhibition 'Bags: The Craft of the Carrying Companion' has now ended but the display was superb. Some local writers were inspired to write a couple of poems, the first one refers to my large purse and the second one is solely about the large purse which asks questions that several passers by ask me on the street!

Big bags and small bags.
Short bags and tall bags.
Bags of every size and shape.
Made of fabric softly draped.
Some of leather, new and old.
Shiny, polished, good to hold.
Bags to carry on bus or train.
Bags built to carry extra strains.
Cases for clothes and underwear.
Cases for picnics we love to share.
Some open out flat as a sheet.
Some fold down, nice and neat.
A giant purse takes centre stage
Try your hand at decoupage,
Or leather strips for you to weave
Items here you won’t believe

Giant purse
What do you put in a giant purse?
Some pennies to pay for a journey home,
Or a lovely dinner for when you get back?
Make up to enhance a lovely face?
A lacy hanky to stop a sneeze?
A comb and brush to tidy hair?
There’s lots and lots of room in there.

These beautiful suitcases at the same exhibition really stood out for me.


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